Frequently Asked Questions

How to register as an institution?

An authorized representative from the institution can visit to register for the hackathon.

On the login page, click on the button named ‘Not registered? Register now’ and select the option ‘Institute’ to go to the institute registration form.

You need to provide the complete Institution name and affiliation number. You can provide your AICTE number or any other affiliation number on that field. If your institution doesn’t have an affiliation number, you can provide your directorate number too.

Make sure the email ID and the phone number you are providing are accurate. Otherwise, you will miss out the verification and will end up as incomplete registration.

How do I register for Reboot Kerala Hackathon 2020 as a team?

Please register for teams at after college registers successfully. The registration of teams must be done on the portal by the Team Leader only. The registration process is simple and as follows:

Visit and click on the ‘Register’ button. Then create a login ID for the respective team.

Fill all the required fields. You will also have to provide your team name in the provided field. Once you click submit, the team leader receives OTPs for verifying mobile number and email ID.

The team leader will also receive an email verification link on the given email ID. After completing the verification, the team leader can add the details of the team members.

Once all the details are added, click on the ‘Submit’ button.

How should we form a team?

One team consists of 6 participants. But in case if you require an expert from another department, you can add a maximum of 2 students from other colleges (Still the total time members should be 6 and at least 4 of them must be from the same college).

We encourage more female students to participate in the hackathon as it helps in empowering women in our society. Therefore, a team must have at least 2 girls as mandatory (6 girls can also register as one team).

All the team members should be approved by the Hackathon officer or the college authorities. Team leaders can change team members, 15 days before the Hackathon. You are not allowed to make any changes to the team after this time period.

How would you select a problem statement?

Select the most suitable problem you think you can effectively solve using the available resources.

The best way is to list all the problems, scroll over them one by one, understand the problem statement.

  • First, develop an overview of the solution. How would it work?
  • Now, How would you effectively implement the solution? What is the technology behind your solution? How would it actually work?
  • Look for corner cases where you can’t think to provide the best possible solution, exception cases, find its solution, ask others, seniors, friends, for solving those cases. Mind it, you may be asked questions related to your submitted solution from experts from industry.
How do we submit the idea?

The ideas can be submitted only by the team leader by log in to the online portal. Submission dates should be strictly followed. The last date for submitting the ideas is 20th November 2019. No exceptions will be made on the submission date. Only those teams that are authenticated by College authorities are allowed to make idea submission! Team leaders must log in on to select the problem statement of their preference and submit their ideas.

Are the Problem Statements for the live hackathon be the same as online hackathon?

No. Student teams who get shortlisted after the preliminary Online Hackathon will be provided with selected problems from different government departments before 2 weeks of the live hackthon date and the teams need to work on those problems only.

What are the selection criteria?

Evaluation criteria will include the novelty of the idea, simplicity, clarity, and viability of the project. The decision of the jury is final and they reserve the right to disqualify any team any stage of the Hackathon.