About Reboot Kerala Hackthon

Reboot Kerala Hackathon is an initiative of the Department of Higher Education – Government of Kerala and the Additional Skill Acquisition Program (ASAP).

Reboot Kerala Hackathon 2020 aims to provide students of Higher Education Institutions a platform to solve some of the pressing problems we face in our daily lives, and thus inculcate a culture of product innovation and a mindset of problem-solving. Reboot Kerala Hackathon 2020 aims to bring students to the mainstream governance by receiving their solutions for the issues faced by various Government departments. This helps in finding quick and effective solutions for the development of the state in a cost-cutting manner.

There are several other areas also which craves for the solution. So, Reboot Kerala Hackathon 2020 will be a breakthrough in rebuilding our state.

Reboot Kerala Hackathon 2020 will be the best experience a developer or a student can have apart from their academics or company projects or assignments. Reboot Kerala Hackathon 2020 encourages students to participate in social problem solving and governance.

Benefits for the problem contributors

  • Exploring new technologies and use them for development.  
  • Quick resolution for the most important problems faced in the organization. 
  • It helps to avoid the unwanted cost in finding alternatives for the problems in specific niches and departments. 
  • Multiple solutions are proposed for the same problem and it can be filtered out to find the best one among them. 
  • Cost-effective solutions are preferred in the Hackathon and it helps both the Government departments and third-party companies to receive cost-effective solutions for their daily problems. 
  • Driving business innovation
  • Sourcing incubation programs
  • Creating potential start-ups
  • Branding of products or an organization
  • Creating solutions for social causes
  • By adapting technology-focused solutions for the problems, Government organizations can compensate it to the digital advancements of the Government. 
  • Private companies can shortlist the participants to consider the best candidates in the state for their future job openings.
  • Analyzing data to make predictions
  • Rewarding innovative thinking

Benefits for the Students 

  • Students get a chance to actively contribute to a social cause and make important changes to society. 
  • Students get a chance to involve in the Governance processes and working. This helps in improving their career opportunities and expanding the portfolio. 
  • Participants with the best solutions get shortlisted by the companies and they use it for their future job openings. This ensures better career opportunities and job security for the participants. 
  • The government can help the participating teams to start their own start-up company with the product they are proposing. This is a great pitching opportunity for the students. 
  • In addition to the Government agencies, third party companies can also adopt the products and solutions to their team and absorb the participants in major roles.

Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan
Hon’ble Chief Minister
Govt. of Kerala

Dr. K T Jaleel
Hon’ble Minister
Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of Kerala

Dr Usha Titus IAS
Principal Secretary
Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of Kerala